Google map has been updated and following three major changes are seen

1)Google map history for your account will enable you to see your Google map searches
2)Each search result will provide additional business details on the map
3)Report “destination not here” in Navigation

By enabling web history for your account you will now be able to view all your Google map searches across all your devices.You can easily do this by logging in to your Google account in Chrome then clicking on your log in name.Then click on account setting and then web history, the web history has an option of maps and all of your searches will be saved there.The main advantage of this option is it centralizes your searches so you don’t have to search again the information you have already accessed.

The Extra business details introduce in google map 5.4.0 will include the star rating under the name in the main map view.You can also see the details section by tapping on the business for more information.

The new option “destination note here” is there for reporting any destination that is displayed in the area where it is not there.This option is placed to fix any of the possible error in the map.