It seems like android is a kind of golden stone that whoever touches it, becomes the Gold.What I mean is, Great android phones have already been given credit for boosting performance at major U.S. carriers.The classical example is bringing a complete turnaround for sprint.The amazing part is it seems like Metro PCS have also benefited from embracing Android based on the Quarter one 2011 earnings reported two days back.

MetroPCS reveals that more than 725,000 net new customers from January to March.This figure account for a 21 percent increase in the number of MetroPCS customers in the previous 12 months. The other factors like no-contract, low-cost prices likely played an integral role in attracting new customers as well but the presence of new Android phones can’t be ruled out.

CEO Roger D. Linquist said there was a “significant uptake of our Android smartphones” in Q1 2011, which helped power MetroPCS to a record-breaking quarter.

Not only the new customers were increased ,but the rate at which contract customers leave a service, fell to 3.1 from 3.7.Now that’s  not a very impressive rate considering that Sprint had a 1.8 churn rate (the rate at which contract customers leave a service) but still it has reduced.


[Via : androinica ]