Now this is a much awaited app for android users as I have been seeing a lot of people asking how to Send link from android phone to Google TV.Chrome to Phone has become a very useful app because it allows you to send links from your desktop to your HTC EVO 4G and we all wanted the same option to send links from phone to Google TV.There have been plenty of times in which I’ve come across a website and wanted to bring it up on my Google TV, but I could never find an app that would save me from re-typing the address.

google tv remote android share

It seems like solution was a very easy one.Its recently noticed that there was a Google TV Remote option in the list of apps in the Android Share function.So we have got an Android’s feature that can push information which include links, from one app or service to another.So If you have got any kind of link you can send it to Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other application.

With the Google TV Remote or the Logitech Harmony apps installed, you can push links from my phone to your Logitech Revue box. People have been able to do this with YouTube videos from the beginning, but this option works with more websites. Link shorteners don’t seem to be recognized, so you may have to click links you see on Twitter (,, etc.) to open in the browser and then pass it along. Here’s an example.

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