Quite noticeable is the growing interest of folks towards the bowling games.The best thing about bowling game is, its one of those game that you can play in short time.If you love playing bowling games, you must not miss let’s bowl.

Firstly, the graphics and action are more than good.The game controls are very easy as you Just have to move the ball left or right for the release point and flick it.Secondly the difficulty level is just about perfect,its not a game that is too hard and frustrate you nor a piece of cake that you master it quickly and get bored.

Let’s Bowl is a free game but the premium paid version is also available with the name Let’s Bowl Deluxe. According to the developer, “The deluxe version has 2 extra bowling alleys, 6 new ball types which are unlocked as you play, and access to multi-player leaderboards and achievement tracking via the OpenFeint network. Future updates will include even more alleys, balls, multi-player features and game play modes.” The deluxe version is a $1.99 application.

All in all , If you don’t have a lot of time to play games and still you love them.Let’s Bowl is the surely the one for you

[Via : talkandroid ]