To me, Angry birds is a great game but its been overplayed and at least I am getting tired playing it.Its time to have a look on the latest game in the Android Market, Blast Monkeys.The reason why I talked about angry birds while beginning the post is, I can feel some analogy in the names(Angry birds and Blast monkeys).

Blast Monkeys is another highly addictive puzzle game in which you launch a monkey head by the name of Moki through various obstacles to reach his final destination which is a golden ring of bananas.Your task is to collect all three bananas on your way to  achieve the highest possible score.

Experiencing the game in Galaxy Tab has been really good and addictive.Each board raises the difficulty level by adding new and crazy obstacles, multiple blast points and creative moving objects for you to act.The free version of the game is available at android market which offers you 60 levels to get your monkey launch on.Whereas the premium paid version can get you 30 additional level.

Thinking of trying it ? visit Android Market for the download and also check out the demo video.Don’t forget to tell how much you liked it compared with angry birds ?

[Via:  talkandroid ]