For those of you who were not able to watch the Google I/O event or didnt bother because it would take work, then worry nomore, you are now able to watch the event on Youtube.

right here:


Here Are Some Special Bits 🙂
3:25 Hugo Barra hits the stage to kick things off
4:30 Video depicting the Android device activation milestones
6:08 Chart showing the daily activation growth figures
6:48 Number of apps currently available in the Android Market
7:31 Chart showing the acceleration of application installs
9:40 Mike Claren runs down updates in Android 3.1
12:22 Android 3.1 coming to Google TV this summer with Market support
13:15 Announcing Ice Cream Sandwich and its targeted Q4 release
16:08 Video camera tracking
18:48 Chris Yerga announces and demos Movies in the Android Market
25:10 Paul Joyce announces and demos Music beta by Google
32:55 Hugo announces initiative to maintain up-to-date OS releases on hardware for at least 18 months
35:40 Matt Hershenson announces and demos Android Open Accessory
38:28 Android Accessory Development Kit hardware announced and demoed
42:37 Joe Britt announces and demos Android @ Home
50:22 Hugo gives a recap of the keynote
52:16 Oprah moment for the day with everyone getting a Galaxy Tab 10.1