Marketplaces are one of the backbones of a Phone OS, without it there would be no way to expand on what was already on your phone except from hacking. The amount of apps in a marketplace shows how successful it is because developers will only come and develop for your marketplace unless they know that it is very populated which equals more sales or is going to be very big.

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Apple Appstore

Apple App StoreMany people who have kept up with anything related to Apple must know what the Apple Appstore is, it is one of the biggest if not the biggest and was one of the first Appstores to change the way Appstores were made, by this i mean the style of them were changed and also the functionality. Since it’s release the Apple Appstore has 370,233 apps and has served many billions of downloads also it has grown in popularity as has continued growing.


The Android Marketplace

Android Marketplace

This is the marketplace that could be taking Apple’s Appstore off its high horse. The ever growing Android Marketplace was once a dream, then an idea then a small reality, but slowly but surely it grew and then it started to grow faster and faster until eventually it was just behind Apple’s Appstore if not past it. The Android Marketplace is a marketplace for all Android devices such as Phones, Tablets and even Google TV (which shall be receiving the marketplace via an update soon) also since the Marketplace is available on many more devices that Apple (as they make their own devices) developers might want to be able to reach out to many more people. Also Google is pretty awesome at making things work (except from Google buzz)

So with both of these Appstores growing which mobile OS will you use? tell us in the comments.