Good news for the folks who play Gameloft’s games on their android devices. The problem with previous Gameloft’s DRM was one had to go through customer service in order to re-download theĀ  purchased games on new devices. Gameloft has enhanced their DRM which will enable customers to re-download their purchased games on new devices directly without going through customer service.

Gameloft is giving us a number of interesting updates lately, including throwing their new games in the android market.You can easily re download your games on your new devices from Gameloft website however, bear this in mind that you won’t be able to get .apk backup files.

So this is a pretty good news for those who didn’t get their games back on new devices, because of not having the time to go through the customer support.Now you can get them back on your new phones in no time.

[via androidcentral ]