You might be carrying a device that is not supported by Netflix, there’s still a chance of  Netflix running on your device. We have got an easier method that you can try as it does not involve any file editing.We have seen movie streaming application working on number of Unsupported devices, with a slightly modified version of the apk. So here are two apk files that you can try , you just have to install the modified version Netflix and see if it works on your device. Modified version will disable device checking and should enable the app to work on the unsupported devices. It has been tested on Rooted Droid X running android 2.2 , and it working fine on it. But we can’t say anything with surety for the rest of the devices, so try it and give your feedback with your device name.

Simply download and install Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk, if it doesn’t stream, uninstall Netflix and try this second modified version of Netflix, netflix-mod-2.apk

[via xda by droidmatters]

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2 Responses to “Netflix apk Modified Version For Unsupported Devices”

  1. Bill Yomes says:

    I couldn’t get either app to work on my Nook color running Honeycomb. Any suggestions?

    • hmm, try this video hopefully this helps, and dont forget to come back and tell us how it went 🙂

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