Droid X2 went live on the Verizon Site yesterday for $199.99. Now the great  news is that you can get DROID X2 for $149.99 by going to Amazon Wireless,  I’m sure you won’t mind Saving $50. But probably you will have to be a little patient and wait a couple of weeks for it to ship, as the phone is on backorder.

A quick recap of the deal, Amazon Wireless is setting up VZW customers with this new DROID X2 for $149.99 which is a huge discount from the stricken through list price shown at $559.99.

[via talkandroid ]

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One Response to “Get DROID X2 for $149.99 at Amazon Wireless”

  1. i have orderd droid x2 on 21st, and the estimation of arrival date was July 7th.
    today, I have received a email that says my droid has been shipped today,and it take 2 days to get my new phone.

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