We have something very interesting here, it seems like tablet-friendly Honeycomb actually has Gingerbread’s interface hiding quietly in it.A hacker was playing around with some of his configuration files and tried experimenting with the LCD density on his Honeycomb tablet.When setting the density above 160 it was found that the tablet-friendly Honeycomb interface transforms into the Gingerbread interface.Isn’t it interesting ?


It’s very simple and all you have to do is to set the density to 170 or higher and reboot, you’ll see all the graphical interface of Gingerbread (lock screen, dock, app drawer, keyboard, etc.). Set it to 160 or lower and the Honeycomb will appear as usual. Its hard to say why Google has left the graphical essence of Gingerbread in Honeycomb and more surprisingly why was it so easy to discover?

[via pocketables ]