Verizon Droid 3 has been in the news for a while through the leaks pictures, but thanks to the people at technobuffalo who managed to reveal some specs for upcoming Verizon Droid 3..

Droid 3 will be powered by a dual-core processor which is expected to be the  NVIDIA Tegra 2  or OMAP. The 4-inch qHD screen and the Modified keyboard with a additional dedicated number row are the confirmed specs.  Adding the number buttons in the keyboard is a good move, it was something  people widely desired for in the Droid series. You will also find a HDMI out port for your for fulfilling your video watching needs. It also has a front facing camera but the resolution is not known ,whereas it will have a 8 mega pixel Camera on the back.

The phone is likely to hit the shelves next month and there is no info about the pricing. The disappointing aspect is there will be no LTE support on the Droid 3, but it makes sense considering Droid has always been a mid-range phone. We will keep on looking for more specs and information about Verizon Droid 3, don’t forget to give your opinion about this new entry into the Droid family.

[via  technobuffalo ]