Another day, another hacked app for an android phone by a Xda developer. A modified Camera.APK for the Samsung Galaxy S II has been developed by the Xda member Potatoman. The app includes modifications from the other Xda developers  Rafalense, robbiekhan, pulser_g2,Soraxd, hyperX, and llBlackenedll . The app will not only enhace the video bit rate and CD audio quality of your samsung Galaxy S II but will also enable you to use camera and cam corder at any battery level. According to Potatoman

Hey folks-

It’s with great pleasure that I’m releasing a hacked Camera.apk for you all today! This is my first android mod, so be gentle 

The apk replaces the stock Camera.Apk in the Galaxy S II, and has the following features-

– Allows use of the camera & camcorder at any battery life
– Records Audio in 192kbps/44.1Khz quality (CD Quality) rather than stock (64kbps/16khz quality)
– Increased Video Bitrate in 1080 and 720p modes* (See 2nd post for info and download link for this version)
– Optional No Sounds versions (for Standard and Highbit versions!). All of the features, None of the noise! Yes, even the autofocus noise is gone!
– HyperX-‘s SuperHighBit version now available (See 2nd post for info and download link for this version)

I have left the settings for the 320×240 and 176×144 resolution modes as stock, so they will be the same size and with the same audio. This is to ensure video messages are kept within the filesize limits 

However, the developer has also mentioned that there won’t be any further near development on this because he will be unnable to continue working on this

[ Via xda ]