We are kind of sad that there isn’t a way to save your Angry Birds data via a cloud, but it seems we are just going to have to wait for now.

To do this your device must be rooted and you need to have a rooted file explorer like ES File Explorer. After, just follow these instructions.

  • First of all, use root explorer to go to
  • /data/data/com.rovio.angrybirds (use corresponding names for seasons and rio)/files
  • Copy these two files:
  • highscores.lua
  • settings.lua
  • Now you can go to same location on the target device and paste them; however, make sure you rename the original files first.
  • This step is the most important: fix the permission. Make sure both files have three read and write, and NO EXECUTE (X) because it will cause reboot when you run the game!!!
  • Done.