HTC EVO 4G is a great phone but the Wake Lock problem has been there for a while with no proper solution. Yes, I am referring to the problem that keeps the phone awake even if you put it on sleep and the phone keeps on losing the battery. We now have the solution to this , thanks to the xda member JBabey. The solution/fix is not rom type dependent and you can have it regardless of having Sense rom or an AOSP rom .

Here goes the Fix

The fix is a combination of…
PRI: 1.77_003
NV: 1.90_003
WiMAX: 27243
GPS: KingdomROM GPS “.so” file

-Download the below It is a custom Combo Radio installation I created that will set your Radio/Pri/NV/WiMAX to the above settings

-Move the file to the root of your SD-Card and reboot the phone into bootloader. It will load the file and prompt you for an update, you will see on the left 3 items that will be upgraded on your handset. Hit volume up to accept

-Reboot the phone after the Radio update, go ahead and remove the file from the sd-card and put it in a safe place

-Download “” and put on your SD-Card

-Reboot into Recovery (I highly recommend AmonRA 2.3)

-Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache. Now wipe them again just to be safe

-Choose “Install zip file from SDCard”

-Navigate to and choose install

-Once installed go down to “Other” and “Fix UID mismatches”

-Reboot the phone
__________________________________________________ ____________

Now heres the weird and tricky part so listen closely. At this time you will still see the Android System in your battery stats. This is normal. To see the fix, you need to charge your phone fully to 100%…. and honestly give it an extra 10-15m on the charger after it says its full. Now….. REBOOT the phone when you pull it off the charger. Use the phone a little bit, make a phone call… it may still pop up around 5%…. again this is normal….. after 2-3 hours however it will be gone, completely and utterly gone… it will never show up again.

I have tested this on 5 handsets hardware revision 0002 0003 & 0004, and about 6-7 ROMS both AOSP & Sense and have yet to see Android OS re-appear. This is not to say that it will work for everyone, but I think that after my testing, there’s an excellent chance that this will work for you.

Please leave feedback if this works or does not work for you please so that everyone can benefit from your experience, either good or bad. Please, please please, follow the final instructions carefully, it does literally take a few hours to test and get the old stat to wipe from the battery history, that is why I started this, literally 2 weeks ago, and am just posting now. I tried TONS of combination’s and this is the one that struck gold, then I needed to test this combination on all of the phones I had sitting in the back for this. If mirrors are needed please let me know, and I will upload.

Good Luck!
PRI: 1.77_003
NV: 1.90_003
WiMAX: 27243

KingdomROM GPS Driver FIX
Sense GPS Driver File from EVO 3D aka “Kingdom”

For more details go to Xda thread and get rid of Wake Lock Problem