Folks ! Its time to talk about android biggest competitor, Apple’s latest Phone. The iPhone 4S received a lot of press since its launch, with more than a few people criticising Apple for a lack of a redesign. Although it may look almost identical to the earlier iPhone 4 it does in fact pack in a lot of new features that are not obvious to the naked eye. So how does the device stand up to other mobile phone deals currently on the market and what are its top five features?


The processing power of the phone is excellent and we have gotten the A5 chip we expected to see on the phone. This new processor is a 1GHz dual core one that manages to really show the phone in the right light. The A5 processor is the same one that was found in the iPad 2. Although it has a slower speed and has even been underclocked in the iPhone 4S it still offers a better performance than some of the 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz chips found on rival Android phones, as confirmed by benchmark performance tests.

Apple has also decided to add a new GPU which will mean the phone has 7 times the graphical processing power of the previous phone. With some of the best smartphone games only being available through the Apple App Store, this new GPU will help to cement the iPhone 4S as the gaming phone of choice.

iOS 5

iOS 5 has been a huge talking point for Apple since it was launched at WWDC in June and, as it turned out, rightly so. The new operating system allows users to do a number of new things on the phone that couldn’t be done on the iPhone 4 and earlier models. It is now possible to chat away on iMessage between Apple phones at no cost. You can also now look up anything of interest on the phone via the notification bar in a similar way to that of the Android devices.

These new features have since become available to earlier iPhone models via an iOS update. But since nearly half of all earlier iPhone customers attempting the update have experienced problems, from lost data to bricked phones, perhaps the best way of making use of this new interface is simply to purchase a new iPhone 4S.


Siri is the new Apple feature that allows you to control the phone using only your voice. Sure Android has a similar feature, however what differentiates Siri from these others is its ability to recognise and then learn the way to pronounce words and then adapt itself to work with you in the future. It is possible now to covert currency, send emails and do most of the things you would require your phone to do using Siri which has showcased itself as an extremely smart piece of computer programming.


The iCloud service is another very big innovation for Apple and allows the phone to do such things as listen to your entire music collection from your phone without copying the files from your computer. Apple stores all this information on the Cloud and then allows you to play what you own on your device once you own the ID for it on iTunes a smart and efficient way to allow people access to their music.

Thanks to iCloud the amount of storage space that comes with an iPhone, whether it be 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, is largely irrelevant in terms of music and video storage. With iCloud you do not need to consume this space with personal media content.


If you are looking to upgrade your phone to take photos then the iPhone 4S is now an option. Previous to this iPhone 4 had a 5mp camera that could record 720p footage. It now has an 8mp 1080p powerhouse for recording high definition footage, which is a huge leap in terms of technology and takes them out of flailing camera territory.

Many other features have been added to this camera to improve colour contrast and image quality making it the best smartphone camera around. It is also the fastest allowing you to take photos every half a second, and you can even access the camera app by double tapping the home button.

These are the 5 best features that are now found in the iPhone 4S. As can be seen, these largely affect software and hardware improvements that cannot be identified by merely glancing at a photo of the phone. So if you feel that iPhone 4S deals are a disappointment because the phone looks the same as the iPhone 4, then think again. It is a completely different phone inside.