Android tablet Asus transformer, subject of many controversies, is to be launched by the year end. Dazzling quad core processor, panacea for many tablets in the market will adorn the transformer. Tired of slow applications! Roll over onto the super express data highway and you will get a feel of silk and smooth ride in managing the entire gamut of applications. Asus has dished out a game changer, threatening to overshadow comparative tablets.

Sensational Design

Touch screen coupled with an absolutely sensational design will delight the purists bred on the apple products. Notwithstanding the rumors about the Wi-Fi signals, the product is bound to emit shockwaves, once it thunders through the maze of existing tablets in the market. Bundled with outstanding and amazing features like 8 MP camera, the gadget will be a visual delight for the fans, apart from the presence of gripping 10 inch screen with over the top resolution of 1280 * 800. Well! If you have been suffering from the technological mumbo jumbo of older tablets, you would be surprised by the black encasing for the transformer, which is easy to handle and operate