With Start of the year 2012, Coby electronics has decided to introduce slew of tablets bound to have reverberations in the market. Not one, but 5 gadgets will be launched in quick succession providing awesome performance in the process. 7 Inch MID7042 is one of them which will adorn the retail stores in the times to come. Some common characteristic of the tablets ranging from 7 to 10 inches specifications include an excellent aspect ratio enhancing resolution for even the most blurred images.

Gadget Configuration

Configuration surely would give run for the money to other comparative items, because all tablets would be powered by 1 GHz processor. Sufficient to host internet applications with surprising panache, memory of 32 GB is sure to offer over the top performance rarely seen in other gadgets. Not to mention about the HDMI port, the phone is versatile dynamite with numerous characteristics appealing to a large section of the users. Inbuilt Wi-Fi attributes help the technocrats to connect compatible devices with the help of aforesaid phone.