Based on the stupendous Android version 4.0 ice cream sandwich has captured the imagination of people in a wonderful manner. As per the information, it will be incorporated as an additional port to the now famous Droid razor smart phone. Sensational look of the application attracts the attention of people in an impeccable manner.

Additional Features

Navigational buttons in the aforesaid flavor are a far cry from the drab components provided by the previous versions of the Android. Exquisitely designed user interface is supplemented with the tremendous power and versatility of Honeycomb versions of the Android, making the ice cream sandwich a darling of the masses.  Coupled with a fabulous screen with multiple widgets, the application offers a never before experience for the users. Utilities like modifications in the screen and renaming of the folder are considered to be an absolute breeze for even the novices. Icons representing multiple applications on the screen are portable and could be placed on the screen with ridiculous ease and comfort.