Launch of LePad S2005, a special Android device, in china has galvanized people due to its awesome attributes coupled with stylish shape. In terms of size, the gadget is a wonderful piece of innovation mesmerizing customers to a great extent. 5 inch pocket dimension attracts users because the display is super small; however configuration and specifications bedazzle large number of potential users. Although resolution of 800*180 might dampen the spirits, but the processor with 1.2 GHz saves the blushes for the device. Android Gingerbread is deployed as an operating system in the Lepad offering tremendous flexibility to the users due to its supreme capability to support variety of applications.

Versatile Functionalities

Versatile functionalities of the tablet include 5 mega pixels camera, enabling users to capture sensational photographs depending on their requirements and specifications. People conversant with video chatting are in awe of the front camera offered by the Lenovo displaying a resolution of 1.3 mega pixels. It is an amazing Android gadget with Adreno Graphics card and 1GB RAM, enticing the users to access data in a swashbuckling way on the information super highway.