Awesome platform of Android 4.0 and its various upgrades has enthralled the users to a great extent. It has an appealing user interface, which is compatible for different smart phones in the market. Cool and wonderful animation provides superlative performance to the users, so that they are able to unlock the features of the gadget in an exemplary manner. One of the best attributes is the multi tasking which is provided to the users, to ensure that they are able to execute diverse range of applications in an efficient style.

Changing the Trends

Many of the companies like HTC and Samsung deploy Android 4.0 to deliver exceptional results to the users. There are ready to be plugged in applications like the email and calendar, attracting attention of the users in great numbers. With the capability of touch screen available in majority of the smart phones, it would be a breeze to use them in a spectacular manner. Usage of text based interface to send responses during a call is a blessing in disguise for users. Aforesaid feature is possible due to the introduction of multiprocessing in Android 4.0.