Arrival of the Facebook update is considered to be a revelation for the Android smart phone users. They are quite impressed by the range of options offered by Facebook which has recently launched the time line version of the web page. It is a pretty cool feature and attracts large number of users. Availability of the spectacular new push notifications has proved to be an amazing incentive for people, who can send messages from the Android gadget in a jiffy.

Stay Connected

Using the updates application, it has become a breeze for the users to access different pages and settings in an impeccable manner, requiring minimum of efforts. Social networking website is an amalgamation of friends, existing in the virtual space. Deploying Facebook application would allow people to access the friends list in an easy and hassle free manner. Application generates series of notifications to the users in an exemplary style, enabling them to respond in real time situation. Zooming capability is an icing on the cake, proving to be a sheer delight for the users.