Aura of HTC EVO view tablet cannot be ignored because it provides amazing option of 4G connectivity to the users. It is a superb device powered by the capabilities of Android honeycomb operating system in an impeccable manner. 7 inch dimension underlines the technological brilliance and elegance of the style, which is used to create the magnificent tablet.


Apart from above, the presence of rear and front cameras provide images of visual brilliance to the users. They offer resolution of more than 8 Mega pixels, to attract customers in huge numbers. Internet connection through a superb Wi-Fi port offers awesome benefits to the users. Humungous memory options in the form of 32 GB capacity is a game changer, because it allows users to store audio video data in an impeccable style.  Pricing is extremely competitive offering a discount as high as 69% to the users, thereby proving to be a worthy buy. People are making a beeline for the tablet, since its spectacular launch.