Onset of the TWC TV has proved to be a game changer in modern times. It is equipped with a special capability of transforming the Android gadget into a spectacular infra red based remote. Due to aforesaid attributes, the application has become very popular and wonderful over a period of time. Electronic systems are all encompassing in the modern household. Instead of deploying the remote, it is supremely easy to combine the power of the Android smart phone with application to deliver the required results.

Enjoy Live TV on Android Gadgets

Created by time Warner Company, the application is a store house of attributes in modern age. Compatibility is assured by the internet connection, which would go a long way in providing the desired effect to the users. It is absolutely essential for data transfer between smart phone and television. The TVC update works in prefect synchronization with Android operating system version 2.1 and beyond. Advanced tablets and smart phones with Honey comb versions are perfectly matched and produce scintillating performance, upon installation of TWC TV.