Google never ceases to surprise the user and it has an ace up its sleeve in the form of Android 4.0.3. It is being launched to rectify the errors of predecessors in an amazing style and provide awesome performance to the users. Most of the bugs plaguing the previous Android operating systems would stand corrected, and will go a long way in providing desired results.

Great Features

Developers would have a field day in using the Android 4.0.3 because it is a reservoir of innovation offering numerous APIs, so that they could create applications which could be integrated in a spectacular manner with the aforesaid operating system. Social networking components in the software development kit of the Android have increased dramatically and offer added features to the users. Apart from above, inbuilt camera applications are equipped with jaw dropping features which encompass amazing video stabilization technique to deliver impeccable quality pictures to the users. Improved attributes like Bluetooth and enhanced support for graphics could play an instrumental role in castling potential customers.