Revelation of the Droid razr is considered to be amazing news, spreading like wild fire among the Android users. Creation of Motorola, the droid razr offers an entire gamut of feature baffling users to a great extent. It has collaborated with Verizon to deliver the best performance in impeccable style.

Reinventing Style with Efficiency

Launched in different colors like Black and white, company has decided to target specific groups of customers, creating their own niche in the market. Super slim structure and over the top attributes would go a long way in sealing its market dominance in the near future. Powered by the ice cream sandwich version of Android, the gadget is equipped with a very high resolution camera enabling users to capture photos in an impeccable manner. Due to jaw dropping resolution, people can view their favorite movies and videos without any hiccups. Screen size is humungous for a smart phone, which opens new vistas of opportunities for people, because they can deploy touch screen technology to browse folders and other files in an impeccable manner.