Launch of the ice cream sandwich version of the Android has taken over the industry by storm. People using the older version of the Android operating systems are more than eager to switch over to a new version, creating instant impact on the users. Internet has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the users who want to get obtain the updates and experience the visual look and feel in an exemplary manner.

OTA Package

To perform the aforesaid task, it is extremely important to dive into the OTA package, which could be downloaded for free from the internet. Downloading the file does not guarantee and automatic install, but it is mandatory for the users to rename the file in an exemplary style. The application should be copied onto the humungous memory offered by the micro SD card to the magnificent Android device, thereby creating an awesome opportunity to update the beleaguered phone. Rebooting the smart phone will open new vistas of opportunities for the users in grand style, enabling users to directly update the operating system with the precious data available on the secondary storage.