Launch of the Huawei Mercury has created a buzz in telecommunication sector because it is a perfect gift from Cricket to it’s over eager customers. As a part of the Android folklore, the smart phone is bound to attract attention from the users.

Nice Gaming Platform

Processor with a very high configuration of 1.4 GHz is offered to the customers, so they could easily deploy applications from the internet. It would play a decisive role in executing gaming based software, which are endowed with huge graphics. Touch screen with 4 inch dimension is an icing on the cake, providing enormous impetus to the users. Similarly 512 MB RAM would be crucial in providing necessary computational power to the fabulous Android gadget.  Rear camera with 8 mega pixels configuration suffices to capture the images and shoot videos in a versatile manner. Frontal cameras are configured to conduct a video call on the internet, so that users could easily communicate with their friends and colleagues.