Awesome aura of Kindle fire Android tablet can be experienced due to the entire range of attributes offered by Amazon. Although, the gadget experienced huge popularity, it suffered from minor niggles resulting in a dip in the customer’s enthusiasm. To rectify the situation and restore initial euphoria, the company has launched new update in the form of Kindle fire version 6.2.1 for the Android smart phone.

Improved Performance

After installation of the update, performance of the gadget improves by few notches and provides strong impetus to the speed of the processor. Graphics based applications could be utilized to deliver amazing performance that would go a long way in satiating the requirements of the users. Hiccups in navigational functions are fixed in an impeccable style by the update, with users enjoying versatile activities like browsing and invoking other applications in a wonderful manner. Enhanced security by authenticating the wireless access with the password, would offer unparalleled advantage to the users, who can browse applications in a hassle manner.