Android gadgets have inundated the market with traditional panache, and people have deeply fallen in love with their features. There are various attributes captivating large section of the user in an impeccable manner. Security has proved to be bane for the Android devices because they are prone to attacks from various sources such as unauthorized users. They are fully capable of inflicting destruction of unimaginable magnitude on the users.

Enhanced Security

Google facial recognition application is launched because it is used primarily to authenticate the users with impeccable performance. It has an inbuilt feature of tagging the photos and deciphering the images before allowing the users to operate the smart phone. Due to aforesaid attributes, people are able to protect their phone from accidental instances of theft. Facial recognition software is coupled with an inbuilt capability of live tracking, enabling the users to search exact location of the phone, if it is lost. Spectacularly designed application will enhance the security manifold and will deliver astounding results in perpetuity.