There are various facets of Motorola spice which have mesmerized users to a great extent.  Launched in Chile, the device is powered with the help of Android operating system, creating a humungous effect on the potential customers.

Spectacular Specifications

Gingerbread version 2.3 has captivated imagination of users in an impeccable style due to the additional presence of 800 MHz processor. Multitude of applications would offer entire galaxy of entertainment packages to the customers, so that they are able to enjoy them on the Android smart phone. Captive touch screen with 3.5 inches display has proved to be a study in innovation, which would help to deliver best performance. Coupled with 512 MB of memory RAM, the device is known to be an ideal platform, to execute complex applications from the internet. Wi-Fi internet capability is a shining jewel in the armor because it creates amazing ambience for high speed data transfer. 1540mAh battery is a crucial cog in the wheel providing a huge standby time to the users, so that they can seamlessly operate the applications.