The upcoming ambience in the smartphone is going to be very exciting, because wonderful prospects in the form of different Android gadgets would inundate the market and will create everlasting impression on the potential users. Advent of the AQUOUS phone has reinstated the fact about the technological excellence of Sharp, which is bound to capture eye balls in huge numbers.

Sharp Targeting Niche Market

The company has created an exclusive smart phone targeting the niche market with its superb sleek design and continued emphasis of the company on excellence. Armed with 3.2 inch touch screen, the gadget is an absolute delight for the people because it delivers image on the screen with absolute clarity and panache. A superbly immaculate resolution with 8 mega pixels of configuration would go a long way in delivering impeccable performance to the customers. An eye catching feature called TV tuner application along with the NFC attribute would go a long way in performing range of functions without hiccups. Versatility of the gadget is a proven magic wand, making it hugely popular over a period of time.