Humongous options are available for gizmo crazy people, but none can match the magic of nexus which has left people spell bound. Launching of the Facelock Android applications has rewritten new rules of authentication for smart phone. In past, people used passwords and combination of keys to login to the phone, however the arsenal is still not considered strong enough to protect the gadget from hacking.

Enhanced Security

Using the facelock software adds another dimension to the overall security layer in an impeccable style. It would be hard to break and ensures that only genuine person could access the vital functionalities of the phone. In modern era, people are susceptible to thefts from the miscreants, which could be prevented if the aforesaid android based application is available. One of the most important attributes is the efficiency of the face detection application, fully capable of recognizing the same user even if the individual is equipped with beard or other accessories.