There are different types of gadgets in modern times which have mesmerized users by their capabilities. It is a well known fact that Asus transformer tablet has proved useful to the users in terms of price and spectacular options, which would go a long way in delivering awesome results to the users.

Problem with HD Video

Stung by its spectacular capabilities, people are buying the tablet in huge numbers; however they faced some performance bottlenecks in the form of high definitions capabilities. Therefore it was important to enhance the performance so that users were able to derive impeccable results.

Latest Android Update

The latest Android update allows the HD port to seamlessly connect with the compatible devices, so that people are able to watch the video content in a spectacular style.  Stabilization of the images is a very common issue, which is rectified by installing the aforesaid update. Majority of the transformer tablet would undergo the same update, so that they are able to provide awesome experience to the users.