Contacts are an important feat for any particular phone and if for one you misplace even a few of them, the notion could land you in the most miserable state possible. Android phones luckily come up with built in features that specifically are created to back up the contact details of any particular user and fundamentally there are two possible methods to do so.

  1. The first and the foremost easiest process are by saving all the contact details on the SD memory card in the android phone. By doing such a process a user potentially can save his/her contacts if the phone’s internal memory is corrupted. This can easily be done if you tap the menu button on the android screen and press and hold it when the contacts page open. Once when this is particularly showcasing there would be a couple of options at offer, the first being import contacts and the other one back up contacts or the export contact feature. Hit the backup/export contact button and send the data to SD card which would pop up after you accept to export all your contacts. There! You are done saving all your contacts and favorite details in your readable memory card and can be used in any other android phone.


  1. Another method is to folder sync your android phone to the Gmail account and hence any contact saving activity done would be safely transported to the user’s Gmail account and hence h/she could easily access them whenever they want. Usually whenever an android phone is open or purchased for the first time the phone asks for a Gmail account login through which you can access many other applications of the phone for instance the market, and many other Google supported applications. Vice versa you can hence also back up your data to the Gmail account and therefore a backup of your contacts would be created if you sync the phone with a Gmail account.


  1. The third method lies with downloading special apps for to backing up the internal memory of the Android phones. Sqlite and Myback up are some of the apps available in the market that may potentially and successfully create back up text files for all your contacts and send those to you Gmail account on a regular basis.