The launch of Google currents application is accompanied by tremendous feedback from the users who are overjoyed by the performance, and have installed the software on to the Android gadget. It is a well known fact that Andronica offers awesome configuration to the consumers, who are flabbergasted by the capabilities.

Best Attribute

One of the best attributes of the Google currents includes its capability to decipher QR codes. There are numerous sections which offer range of facilities to the potential users depending on their requirements and specifications. News is considered to be a very important component of the application, through which people can obtain extensive updates on a particular topic.  Similarly the software is a reservoir of new application which could be downloaded according to the preferences of the users. Installing Google currents is an extremely easy task which also allows people to upload videos from internet sites in an exemplary style. Incorporating Google+ is dream come true for the Android users, who are mighty impressed by the overall results.