It might be a bit shocking for you but it is true. Siri for Android devices has apparently hit the Android Market and guess what it is available for free download. Siri for Android app has been published by a developer under the name of “Official App”.

For those who don’t know, Apple has introduced Siri with iPhone 4S back in October 5th, 2011. Siri — is a virtual assistant exclusively meant for iPhone 4S owners only. It allows iOS users to get their work done including reply-to-text, write dictation, search entire web, open apps, etc by speaking and speaking.

Coming back to the recent released Android version of Siri, the app has the ability to work on your Android-powered devices but not like to the iOS Siri does — basically, it is a shortcut to the Google’s native Voice Control. However, it uses the same icon that used in the iPhone 4S (as you can see) in the screenshot below.

The developer “Official App” has also published another Android version of Siri named as “Pinterest” for Android devices for free. However, both of them are fake and that is why Google should follow strict rules and regulations applied to the publishers.

Siri for Android