Android phones also known as self-intelligent devices which come predetermined with a Google based application known as Market. Market is a platform through which a person can download free as well as priced applications that may be installed on the android phone so that the phone gives more capability and enhances the functionality for its users.

To run the Market a user must initially sync his/her android phone to a Gmail account through which the market would recognize the device that is practically running the android operating system. Once this is successfully done all a person needs to do is tap the market icon in his menu and Walla! You’re up and running with the android market feature.

The android market with the most recent update showcases as a four page application with the first being a promotional page offering he most hyped up application that is market campaigning with the Google industry. This most probably is a targeted niche application which would be a seasonal app like for instance if the season is near Christmas then the app promoted could be Santa Clause games or stuff related to Christmas and other events in tandem with it. People usually skip this page as it has a seasonal offer to give so in the long run that application is pretty much useless but if you are a person who has a changing personality this page is practically just the right page for you then.

The next page offers applications that are priced i.e. these are those applications that need to be paid for in order to use them. They can be of any genre for example games, browsers, antiviruses and many other niched apps. Preceding this page is the free applications page and if you use this feature than every application showcased here will have all the apps that can be downloaded at will by any android user all you need to have is a synced Gmail account. The last page offers a favorite’s page which has all the applications that matches your interests and is based on the choices you have made in the android market previously. If you are probably using the Android market for the first time this page would practically be empty or would only highlight those applications that straight up necessary for any standard issue android phone.

The Market also lets you install and update applications as if you hit the any application in the android market then it takes you to another app page where there are two more options, one being the ‘install’ one and the other being ‘cancel’. Obviously we would want to hit the install button and then allow the application to get installed. Once this is done you can practically start using the app whenever you want and keep using it until it needs updating.

The Android Market can also be used to update any previously installed applications and there are two possible ways to do this. One is the automatic method which makes an app go into updated version automatically whenever the users establish a working internet connection through a Wi-Fi or 3g or 4g GSM. Since there are so many bugs in newly developed application updates, advanced android users keep the update feature into manual updating and with this they usually get less malfunctioning force close issues. To manually update an application a user would want to go into the market and update each application from the my app tab. Here are some screenshots of the android market