Launch of the EVO Android phones from HTC stable has fired up the imagination of users in an impeccable style. The EVO series with 4G option is a blessing in disguise for the users because it is equipped with a 4 inch screen which is regarded as one of the most versatile components of the gadget.

The Design

Combined with a humungous LCD display and over the top configuration of the processor, the gadget has proved to be a shot in the arm for majority of the users. Styled in a sleek shape along with delectable curves at the corner, the device has created ripples in the market. Amazing buttons below the touch screen are noticeable by their fluid functionality which is bound to capture the imagination of people. Presence of the 5MP camera is an icing on the cake due to its amazing shape and awesome features, allowing users to capture images with unparalleled resolution. Battery cover is a crucial ingredient of the technological excellence because it is easy to flip over and perfectly suitable for removal.