Google Music Importer is one of the coolest Android applications available now and is pretty popular. Basically, what this app does is import the Music files in Google Music to the local device library.

The good thing is that you will be able to make these imported music files available for playing even when Google Music is offline using this app. The imported music files are actually stored in a special folder in the cache of your device itself. However without this application, the cached music files will be meaningless and cannot be identified by Android’s Media Provider. The Media Provider service of the Android won’t be able to understand.

  • Song name
  • Track number
  • Album
  • Artist

Or any other details of the cached music files.

This is where Google Music Importer app helps. It identifies such files, gives them the ID3 tags and converts them to identifiable musical files in memory cards. The imported music which only Google Music can play can now be played using other media players as well.