Widgets are one of the key features of an android phone and particularly so the customization through a widget can tell what type of personality a person holds just by going through the widget collection he/she may potentially have on their android device. Through this particular tutorial we will look at the ways by which widget can be added to the home screen or desktop of an android phone. There are practically two methods of doing this

(I) The desktop widget selection option

  1. Initially the first step is to install the widget of your choice through the market of whatever niche you may like or if you cannot find the app in the Market apps of your carrier then download an .APK file from a 3rd party source and run the setup through the root of the internal SD card. Once the application has been installed we can add it to our home screen.
  2. To practically add a widget a person may have to first press and hold its android capacitive touchscreen while you have your home desktop wallpaper open while this will enable the showcasing menu of a four rowed utility panel.
  3. This panel will have four to five options but as we are only concerned with the widgets we will tap the widgets icon.
  4. The tapped widget icon will open up another panel of options with all the installed widgets icons in it and whichever widget a person may like to add h/she may click on it and the widget would emerge on the phones home screen as a clickable icon.

(II) The menu isolation method

  1. The menu isolation method is another key component through which a person can potentially add a widget to a home screen; the first step is t open the menu through the on screen menu button in any particular android phone.
  2. Scroll down to the widget you would like to  bring it to the home screen
  3. Isolate the icon of the widget by selecting it and pressing down the icon for more than three seconds. Once this is done you would automatically be taken to the home screen and if you release the icon it would place it automatically to the desktop home screen of your android.
  4. Through this method you can also practically arrange all icons on the home screen as isolation practically gives you the full 360 movement control of the widget icon.