Applications are the main aspects of the Android phones ever since they were invented while; practically as android phones are high end user phones they potentially require many open source programs to run efficiently and as such in this particular review we will look at some of the ways and methods through which a person may be able to install apps in his/her Android phone.

Technically speaking there are two methods of installing an application in an Android phone.

Installing applications through android market on android Phones

The first initial method is the easy straight forward method using Android Market

1)      You will need to sync a Gmail account with your particular Android phone, by doing so you will enable the market installation feature that is predefined in the phone itself. The first thing your phone will do if you sync up a Gmail account is that it will determine your device and then showcase only those applications in the market that are perfectly compatible with the architecture of the phone. The Android market is a very user friendly application and gives download guide that helps pick a user which ever applications h/she may like to use in their phones and offer both free as well as premier paid software.

2)      You need to make sure you are connected to internet (either through WiFi, 3g or GPRS). After being connected to internet simply open android market from your phone and select the application you want to download.

3)      Once you have practically made the purchase or selected free app to install, just hit the blue/green install button just adjacent to the application heading and it will automatically install into the internal SD card if available.

Installing applications through APK files

Another method to install apps in android phones is by checking the option of installing 3rd party driver from the menu and installing through a manual .apk file. A (dot).apk file is the setup file for any applications for an Android phone. Follow these simple steps

1)      First you need to download desired app in your computer, the app will be in the form of .apk file .

2)      Download ‘file manager’ from android market in your phone,  for this simply go to android market search “File manager “and download it. There are other alternatives of file manager available like apps installer but we recommend file manager

3)      Connect your phone to the computer through the data cable and make sure the memory card in inserted in the phone. The phone will ask you to put it on mass storage or debugging mode, select mass storage.

4)      Copy the .apk file in the memory card drive.

5)      Once you have copied the application ( .apk file) , open file manager and it will display the app you have copied. Simply click on the app and it will be automatically installed

A manual .apk installer file will  not auto update but the ones installed from the android market will have this feature and also would be imbedded in the SD card by default.

If you need to install multiple apps in a one go, I would recommend you to install through file manager. Also if you need the apps which occupies a lot of space again installing through file manager would be recommended. However if you need to install small apps , android market rocks !

Enjoy the access to android applications ! These were the two simple ways of installing apps on your android phone. Make sure to leave the comment if you have any problem in following these steps.