Advent of the Meizu MX has created huge competition in the market because is endowed with functionalities helping users to accomplish their task in an easy and efficient manner.  The 1.4 GHz processor is a unique component allowing consumers to download applications with voracious appetite for resources. Technological innovation has transformed the atmosphere in an amazing style because it has led to invention of gadgets, changing lives of people in more than one way.

Dual Core Processor

Dual core technology has led to the improvement in performance without any hiccups. Resolution of 1080*720 pixels offers tremendous images with absolute clarity, so that people can enjoy the features in an impeccable manner. Ice cream sandwich version has led to the increase in expectations of the users because the operating system is renowned to impart rich visual themes to the numerous widgets and applications. Similarly the 8GB storage mode offers enough bandwidth to increase data transfer, so that seamless operation is ensured over a period of time.