Onset of the modern technological innovation has resulted in the arrival of T863, which has captivated the imagination of people in a wonderful manner.  Decent features such as 8GB have been crucial in providing impeccable benefits to large number of users. Processor belongs to the cortex category with 1 GHz configuration, sufficient enough to deliver powerful results in an impeccable style.

3D Graphics

Graphics card with 400 MHz would provide awesome results to the users because they are amazed at the capabilities provided by the smart phone. Touch screen technology with 8 inch screen would offer a perfect platform to enter data without any hiccups. Apart from above, presence of the 3D chip provides amazing power to the users in the form of crystal clear resolution which would go a long way in providing perfect results. 802.11b protocol is deployed to incorporate Wi-Fi connectivity onto the smart phone in an impeccable style. Driven by the Android 2.3 version, T863 has proved to be one of the best products in its category.