Apple iPhone4S’ innovative voice command technology, Siri has rivals now, which can be used in Android powered handsets. Although these android apps doesn’t feature all of Siri’s creative features, and although they are not as good as Siri, Android users will now be able to make use of an advanced set of android apps so as to make their phones acknowledge their voice commands.

The following are a few free and paid services, similar to Siri that you can use in Android:

Google Voice search: In this app voice search comes preloaded but the users have to frame the requests using specific voice commands like “call [contact name] [phone type]”, which is easy. Users can send emails/texts and listen to music as well.

Vlingo: Almost similar to Google Voice search with the additions of updating Facebook and Twitter with voice commands as well as changing search engines. Users will also be able to do it hands- free using Bluetooth headsets.

Dial2Do: This app lets user perform tasks by voice. But this has to be subscribed for $ 2.5 for a month or $ 25 a year. Users will also be able to listen to twitter stream and post updates in blogs by voice commands.

You can also try Iris or speaktoit Assistant as an alternative of siri.