The huge success of the Siri voice recognition feature of the Apple iPhone4S led to the development of the alpha version of an Android application similar to Siri, named Iris. But reportedly Iris developed by Dexetra had a few issues, which was quite annoying although the app became an instant hit among Android users.

Dexetra believes they can solve the issues in Iris, by teaming up with ChaCha, which is one of the best in business for Q&A applications similar to Siri. Recent reports claim that Dexetra and ChaCha have already started working together to develop the Ultimate Android Q&A app that will rival the Siri.

It has also been known that the questions asked to this app by the users would be send to the ChaCha database, thereby answering it aptly and storing the apt answers by updating the database. Using the current Iris app version is quite fun but requires some advancements.