APKs are setup files for android devices and without them no widget or application can be installed in any android phones. These (dot).APK files are meant to be an installer package for an android device and to particularly embed them into the android registry users need to follow one of the two following steps

(I) The market method


  1. The market method is a way through which any widget or app can be installed into an android device.
  2. First open the menu of your android phone
  3. Scroll down to the market icon and tap it to open the market
  4. Navigate to your desired application and hit install
  5. If asked for permission then hit the allow button adjacent to the title of the application
  6. The application would download a temporary APK file into the internal phone memory of your phone and then using that installer package install the widget or the application into the internal memory of your SD card. (This would all be done automatically so just enjoy watching it happen.)
  7. The temporary APK file will be deleted and you will enjoy only the final installed product.

Updating your apps also becomes easy with this particular method and your application or widget updating will probably be on auto piloting. Every time there are updates your android phone if enabled with a working internet or GSM connection would again download the updating APK file and reinforce the application with new features.


(II) The manual method


  1. In the manual method an APK is first placed in the root of your SD card and with the help of a file explorer it is manually run in the android operating system.
  2. The initial step requires a user to tap the menu button.
  3. Scroll down to the settings icon
  4. Open the settings icon and again scroll down to applications
  5. Check the ‘Unknown source’ option so that you can manually install the APK file.
  6. Go to the market and install ASTRO file manager, its practically the best free file manager out there and very easy to find as well in the market.
  7. Open your browser and download the APK file you desire to install.
  8. Place it in the ASTRO file manager home screen
  9. To run the APK you need to press and hold the icon for 3 seconds or more and when asked for hit the run tab.

10.  The installing APK file would prompt you for permission and hit allow when this usually happens.

11.  Walla!! Your APK application is practically installed within seconds.

Mind you installing APK files manually would pose a direct threat for viruses and many other potential Trojans that may harm the android operating system. To counteract this problem a person needs to use android application based antiviruses so that their files are protected. Manually installing APKs also does not enable a person to have the automatic updating luxury and would have to manually update every time an update is practically available for the installed application or widget. The only real benefit that I seek with this method is the fact that since many new applications offer tremendous force close issues with constant updating people can practically use the application on a backdated update until a stable application version is not delieverd.