The 21st century has inclined people on having the most of the music industry and as such people even on the go need the luxury of listening to some music or melodies just so that their travel time is taken care of. Android phones are really good in managing and using Mp3 files, while with the built in Mp3 app in any android phone people usually are well entertained with any android device. In this particular review we will potentially highlight the ways through which an android phone can transfer Mp3 audio tracks, i.e. to say that import or export Mp3 files and to practically do this there are three fundamental methods to it.

(I) The internal downloading procedure


  1. The internal downloading method involves a user to download an Mp3 using the internet facilities of the android phone itself.
  2. The best method to do this is by initially going into the browser and scrolling to the website of your choice
  3. Download the Mp3 file you want to listen to
  4. Go to market and download the ASTRO file manager
  5. When you explore your memory through the ASTRO file manager you will find a self-generated folder named download.
  6. Open that folder and you will find the Mp3 file you just downloaded.
  7. Copy the file to your home of the internal SD card showcased by ASTRO file manager. By doing this you’re Mp3 player will automatically detect the mp3 file you just downloaded.
  8. The internal uploading method is also the same and if you’re attaching a Mp3 file to someone you should just browse the categories highlighted by the internal SD card through the ASTRO file manager and upload the selected Mp3.


(II) The Bluetooth method


  1. The Bluetooth method uses your android device and establishes a synced connection with any other Bluetooth device around a 20 meter radius.
  2. To send an Mp3 file through Bluetooth first a person needs to press the Mp3 for 3 seconds or more.
  3. When the utility panel opens with other options please select sent to
  4. For the next option select Bluetooth and the file will automatically be send to the other device.
  5. For transferring Mp3s through Bluetooth a person may need to first bond the android phone with the other device that has Bluetooth.
  6. To do this go to menu>settings>wireless and networks>Bluetooth and switch the Bluetooth function on.
  7. You should also make the device discoverable so that the other device would get to acknowledge your device and both the devices can pair/bond.
  8. Once this is done, the Bluetooth will connect and your android phone and the other device can share and sent each other Mp3s.
  9. If you are receiving an Mp3 then you have to accept the request for to make a successful transfer between the devices. The same is when you are sending Mp3s via Bluetooth and the other person would have to accept it on his/her end.

10.  Whenever we receive or send an Mp3 through Bluetooth it gets saved into a self-generated folder named Bluetooth and in order for the Mp3 player to reorganize the file successfully it is recommended that you place it on the home of your internal SD card via a file manager such as ASTRO.


(III) Using the USB cable


  1. This is practically one of the easy methods to comprehend when using your android phone to transfer Mp3s.
  2. All you have to do is connect your android phone using the USB cable to your computer and can transfer files back and forth from the android to the Computer or vice versa.
  3. Place it in the SD card home and enjoy music altogether
  4. Android devices are plug and play with every operating system after XP.