Hardware gadgets riding on the Android waves are numerous; however smart tablet from the pantech stable comes as a whiff of fresh air to potential consumers, who are overawed by its capabilities in a wonderful manner. Driven by extremely powerful android 3.2 version of the operating system, the tablet has successfully captured the imagination of people in a wonderful manner.

Great Attributes

Due to aforesaid attributes, people are purchasing them in large numbers resulting in a creation of huge fan following. Enriching visual experience has riveted the customers, who are flabbergasted by the inbuilt capabilities of the smart phone, redefining technological excellence in present era. Towering presence of the infallible 16 GB memory has gone a long way to deliver quality products at affordable prices, because the entrepreneurs on the move can use the android gadget to store valuable data without any hiccups. 5MP camera located in the maze of components on the rear, significantly boosts the performance and opens new vistas of opportunities for potential geeks.