There are different types of gadgets in the telecommunication sector which have continuously attracted people in huge numbers, however tablets from velocity micro has generated a huge buzz in the market. It is a well known fact that the tablet is configured according to the latest specifications, so that the users are able to deploy them for multiple purposes.


Creation of the 7 inch juggernaut has proved to be water shed event for the users who are spoilt of options. Using the 1.2 GHz processor has tested the mettle of the android device, because it is able to support variety of internet applications without any hiccups. Humungous storage of 8GB is a shot in the arm for the gadget, since it is fully capable of storing large amount of audio video content.  High definition images could be displayed in a seamless manner, due to the spectacular presence of the particular port. Operating system Android 4.0 empowers the hardware with traditional panache and style.